ENTOURAGE “Second To Last” Review

ENTOURAGE "Second To Last" Season 8 Episode 7:

Oh, how I relished in those eight sweet little words: "And I never figured you for the slut."

I was all, "Tell ‘er, E! Yeah! Kick Sloan the hell out of your life! Do it!"

Oh, it was too good to be true. And deep down I knew it. I smelled the setup. Of course I predicted it; the "Big Misunderstanding," a tried and true television trope. Unfortunately, too many people aren’t like me—too many fans like Eric and Sloan together, so if Entourage doesn’t force them back together before the season finale, I’ll eat my shorts.

(I reserve the right to not eat my shorts if they decide to wait for the upcoming movie to actually do it—but by hook or by crook, I smell it coming.)

Now then… the execution of said miraculous make-up is in extreme danger of being extremely lame. I mean, if Sloan’s entire decision to dump E was basically, "I’m pregnant and he won’t sign a pre-nup and my family hates him," then having her just… I dunno… changing her mind is retarded. Swayed by his desperate words, whatever, it’s not going to work. I don’t care how big a speech he gives. He could give a freaking Brian’s Song speech, and it’s not going to work. Read More....



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