TRUE BLOOD “Soul of Fire” Review

TRUE BLOOD "Soul of Fire" Season 4 Episode 11 – The penultimate episode of True Blood "Soul of Fire" provided closure for a couple of story lines, but then opened one up again. This is going to lead to quite a finale, before until then, let’s talk about the events from this episode.

Alcide / Sam / Debbie / Marcus

What can I say about these two except that they deserve each other, if only Marcus survived his fight with Sam… well technically he did, but because he couldn’t just let it go, he ended up dead anyway at the hands of Alcide. So does that mean that Alcide is now pack leader? Law of the jungle and all?

But mostly I’m just glad that Debbie is finally out of the picture for Alcide. I just didn’t understand what he ever saw in her. It wasn’t just that she wasn’t a likeable character, she had a totally different philosophy on life than Alcide did. I know we say love is blind, but come on!

Anyway, No more Debbie = Me Happy.


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