HAVEN “Friend or Faux” Review

HAVEN "Friend or Faux" Season 2 Episode 8 – I was a little worried that I’d be lost during "Friends or Faux," this week’s Haven, being that it was the first episode I’ve ever seen, but I was pleasantly surprised to find myself following along without too much trouble. That’s the mark of a well-structured show: can someone jump on board when the train’s already moving?

That being said, while I loved the idea of the supernatural occurrence that fueled the episode, the mechanics got a bit lost for me. A man, a very bad man who doesn’t want to believe in his own evil, finds a way to split himself into a clone. The clone, supposedly, houses all of the worst parts of him. And when young Henry spots a version of the man (who later turns out to be the man himself) killing someone in the unfinished Everwood complex, the clone takes on the mission of killing the witness to the crime.

Okay, so this man clones himself. The clones are homicidal and when they’re killed, a new one grows. It’s a really fascinating concept…but it’s never fully explained exactly how he did it. Science? Magic? The town’s weird energy? I gathered stuff like this just happens in Haven, but does any of it ever get explained? Even The X-Files usually mustered an explanation for the paranormal. Read More...



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