Huge 1:6: They go on a spirtual walk

On Huge, the latest episode had the campers go on a spiritual walk. Campers go in the nature to explore the wilderness but not everything goes picture perfect. Wil and Amber get lost in the woods. George saves the day and finds the girls but not after he sees a spiritual guide as a wolf. George finds Amber first and they share a kiss. Finally, these two kiss. Romance is blooming at camp victory.

Romance continues in the woods with Trent and Chloe. Trent sneaks into Chloe's tent to keep her company because Chloe hates the dark. Trent and Chloe kiss in the tent. I see sparks between the two. I am hoping the romance doesn't stop there and Wil and Ian maybe kiss down the road. Ian was worried about Wil lost in the dark.

The spiritual walk seem to open people's mind but it seemed that Becca is still in the past. Becca keeps day dreaming of when Chloe and her were friends and their time on the last spiritual walk. Becca wants to be friends again with Chloe. Wil helps Becca tie her bag and is there for her.

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