'Big Brother' recap: Crouching Koala, Hidden Porsche

Do Kalia and Porsche actually deserve to be in the Final Five? Daniele carried the two girls through a bleak period that saw most of their fellow Newbies eliminated. Heck, Daniele basically invented Kalia and Porsche, gameplay-wise: Without her, Kalia would have been one more Jorff-worshipping Newbie, and Porsche would have probably gotten lost in some corner of the Big Brother house. Certainly, Jordan and Rachel seem to hold a dim view of the two Newbie ladies. But the remaining Veterans haven't exactly had a commanding season, either. Jordan won an early HoH competition, but she spent most of the summer following the "Nod When Jeff Says Things" strategy. Conversely, Rachel has been HoH three times and has left a trail of dead enemies in her wake...but she also spent a month moping, whining, and letting Jeff's prowess save her. Read More...



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