'Breaking Bad' recap: Carpe diem, okay?

How would you live your life if you knew your days were numbered?

That's the question most often pondered by cancer survivors on television, the point being that if doctors told you that you were going to die tomorrow, you'd concentrate more on the important stuff: spending time with your family and friends, worrying less about work, and generally crazy-sexy-cancer-ing it up, if we're to believe shows like The Big C. It's just like Saul Goodman tells Andrea's son in this week's episode: "Carpe diem, okay?"

But the genius of Breaking Bad is that it suggests that cliche couldn't be more wrong. After Walt discovered that he had cancer, he made some pretty self-destructive choices, including splitting from his wife and cooking meth. When Jesse felt sure that Gus would kill him, he held the mother of all parties and did enough drugs to kill a large dog. Even though Gus is pretty certain that the Mexican cartel is plotting his death, he can't resist taunting the group's wheelchair-bound leader, Hector "Tio" Salamanca. Knowing that time is ticking doesn't give these characters a new lease on life. It makes them want to do as much dumb thrill-seeking as they can, as quickly as possible. Read More...



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