Entourage Review: "Second to Last"

To quote Uncle Jesse from my Full House days, "WHOAH BABY!"

Eric, Eric, Eric...see what happens when you spend too much time nailing step moms? You turn your ex-flames into actual moms. That is, if Sloan decides to lay claim to E's vertically challenged baby and the impossibly short arms he/she will inevitably have. Sigh... But at least everyone else in the wolf pack seems to be on an honest to goodness upswing these days. It's about time "Entourage" knocked one out of the park.

Thank goodness the action on this week's episode "Second to Last" was more creative than its title. If I kicked off this rundown with anything other than the E/Sloan, ahem, development, I'd be remiss, so here goes: Johnny Galecki's hair was really starting to bother me, Melinda's satin sheets and cougar-like grin are equally creepy, and Scott might've been right on the money when he called E a "little b*tch," since I'm assuming he was referring to Eric's couple's glamor shot screen saver. But, it showed that E still isn't over Sloan - duh - and maybe that means they have a snowball's chance in hell to fix things between them before she takes her trust fund east of the Mississippi. Read More...



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