'Curb Your Enthusiasm' - 'Mister Softee': Bill Buckner to the rescue?

A review of tonight's fantastic "Curb Your Enthusiasm" coming up just as soon as Koufax gives me some kishka... 

"Mister Softee" was only a few minutes longer than a normal "Curb," but it felt epic, like "Curb Your Enthusiasm: The Motion Picture." I've watched it several times since HBO sent the screener out a few months ago, and I'm convinced it's one of a handful of the show's best episodes ever. 

There have been times in the series (including this season) where it's felt like Larry and the other writers tried to cram too many ideas into a single episode, but "Mister Softee" just felt richer, rather than overcrowded. It's an episode that gave Larry a semi-serious girlfriend in Ana Gasteyer's character, a new pal in Bill Buckner, a new enemy in Robert Smigel as the Steinbrenner-identifying Yari, and, of all things, a therapist in the form of Fred Melamed(*) as Dr. Arthur Thurgood. (Plus a cameo by Jerry "Hesh" Adler as the man who tries to recruit Larry for the minyan.) Read More...



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