'Breaking Bad' - 'Hermanos': The secret origin of the Chicken Man

A review of tonight's "Breaking Bad" coming up just as soon as I add a plus-douchebag to a minus-douchebag... 

"This is what comes of blood for blood, Hector." -Gus

Early in "Hermanos," Hank asks Gus if Gustavo Fring is, in fact, his real name, and we're reminded of just how little we actually know of the Chicken Man, who appeared one day at Walt and Jesse's booth at Los Pollos Hermanos and has now become the big boogeyman of Walter White's life. Who is this extremely efficient, almost robotic businessman, why does he act this way, why was he so willing to take the reckless Walter under his wing, and what exactly is his relationship with the cartel? 

By the end of "Hermanos," we have the answer to many of these questions, including our glimpse of a younger Gus who had not yet learned to keep his emotions under such tight control. Read More...



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