Recap: 'True Blood' - 'Soul of Fire'

When we last left Team Vampire, they were walking four abreast in slick black outfits loaded up with war gear, which usually means that Alan Ball is planning a very expensive explosion on the backlot. Now, as the new episode begins, Bill helpfully offers some exposition: Just in case you all forgot, we’re here to kill the witch inside the emporium. 
Inside said microwave-wall-reinforced cult prison, Antonia totally swears that anyone can leave whenever they want. Then she kills Casey, a girl who tries to leave. It would be an inexcusable turn of events, except that Antonia commits this killing with a flying dagger. A flying dagger that she doesn’t even touch! It’s a shame that Marnie has to be the Michelle Forbes of this season. Even Michelle Forbes couldn’t make knives fly. 

Nonetheless, Antonia is pissed about Marnie’s latest killing. She vomits herself out of Marnie’ and scolds her bodily host. Lafayette can see the whole thing with his sudden medium-ness. Then Marnie swallows Antonia again, with feeling this time. Apparently this isn’t like the other times that Marnie ate Antonia. This, we are told, is real bad. Read More...


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