'True Blood' recap: Ring of Fire

Who else is hoping the Marnie story line wraps itself up in next week's season finale? Fiona Shaw has been wonderful on the show (awkward high-five!), but after this episode, my patience has grown as thin as Jessica's ("I’m so sick of silverin’ myself all day every day, being pissed off all the time. This is what PMS used to feel like"). And Pam's ("Can we blow up these Wiccan dips---s already? I got a mani-pedi at 4").

Let's begin with the Battle of Moon Goddess Emporium. After Marnie stabbed Casey, one of her innocent captives, in the chest with a knife, Antonia wanted to severe ties with her. Cue Lafayette's brilliant line, "Oh s---. Marnie just puked a bitch out," which I predict is already on a T-shirt somewhere. Lafayette was the only one who could see the argument, which ended with Marnie doing a binding spell to suck Antonia back into her. I'd like to think that look of indigestion Marnie had was Antonia working some kind of spell, like a stink bomb. Read More...



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