Hanamaru Kindergarten Season 1 Episode 1 Review: A Hanamaru Entrance Ceremony

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)

Based on the manga series done by Yuto which was in the Young Gangan magazine and aimed at seinen audiences, Hanamaru Kindergarten is a twelve episode series from TV Tokyo with Gainax as the studio behind it. Directed by Seiji Mizushima, who has a pretty decent range of work behind him as a director, though mostly focused on more serious works, he brings a different kind of possible approach to the show where it may not be as cute and cloying as it could have been under someone different. The first episode provides a very good slice of life angle to it that as a parent myself of two children who have recently finished kindergarten can relate to and find to be an interesting depiction of it. It's easy to imagine some viewers finding it hard to believe at times, but there are some kids that I can already say I know fit the mold of some of the kids in this show.

Hanamaru Kindergarten focuses on said school of the same name where it introduces us to Tsuchida, a recently graduated college student who is now employed there and is already late for his first day and the entrance ceremony. We see that he's pretty up on his pop culture aspects, from a PS2 controller to a Wii controller that help show that yes, he is a young man of the modern world. In his rush to get to the school on his bike though, he runs into a cute little girl named Anzu standing all alone. It turns out that she's just waiting for her mother who rushed home to get something, but the situation turns amusing quickly as the girl believes suddenly that Tsuchida is hitting on her. Add a panicked moment as the mother arrives and he races off to the school to get his light slap on the wrist.

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