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Torchwood: Miracle Day reveals the ultimate evolution of humanity [Video]

Last night's Torchwood had two things we love: Dystopian insanity, and a deep, ancient, pulsating horror. Check out this totally excellent clip, where Jilly Kitzinger travels deep into the heart of the mystery of the Blessing.

After a while in which Torchwood Miracle Day seemed to be in a holding pattern, last night's penultimate episode got things moving again, and at last we grew close to the center of the horror of worldwide immortality. Spoilers ahead...

Torchwood took a page from one of the final episodes of Dollhouse (and Doctor Who's "Last of the Time Lords," and jumped forward a couple months at the start of last night's episode. That was a pretty gutsy move, which enabled the show to display a more advanced stage of the world's slide into chaos. Now, instead of seeing a world where everybody is freaking out, we get a world where people have just sort of accepted that everything is fucked. It's a worldwide Depression, China has closed its borders, the insurance companies have gone under, and there are rumblings that the United States is going to be under some kind of martial law. And the Overflow Camps are still there, but nobody's fighting them any more. Read More...



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