The Vampire Diaries: New Book Trilogy Covers; Is L.J. Smith Involved?

Is that the sound of angry Vampire Diaries fans wielding pitchforks I hear?

The Vampire Diaries Season Two was released on DVD this past week and within its packaging was an ad for the upcoming release of a new Vampire Diaries trilogy called The Hunters, with the first novel in the series to be titled "Phantom." While this might bring some people a bucket load of joy, there is one thing on the cover that might induce enough rage to rival that of any temper tantrum Damon Salvatore has even thrown.

On the cover for "The Hunters: Phantom," the book does have TVD author L.J. Smith's name on the cover, but it is only lists her as being the creator of the series and not the actual author of the book. Remember the prequel tie-in novels, "Stefan's Diaries," also had L.J. Smith's name on the covers as being only based on her material and not actually written by her or Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec. So despite her name still being attached to the TVD brand, Smith did not write the new novel, which can be backed up by this statement on Ms. Smith's website:


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