AGAINST THE WALL “Obsessed and Unwanted” Review

AGAINST THE WALL "Obsessed and Unwanted" Season 1 Episode 6 – It’s official. In this week’s episode of Against the Wall, "Obsessed and Unwanted," Brody is out and Danny is in. For now, at least. Abby strikes me as the kind of girl who avoids a real relationship at all costs.

After the discovery of their secret tryst last week, you would think that Abby might take a break from dating in the workplace, but no…our intrepid detective moves ahead fairly quickly with cute Danny, who is now working directly with the police department. I like Danny, I do, but he’s going to have to step up his game if he wants to get Abby "Hot Pants" Kowalski to crawl into his lap again. This is a girl who likes playing with fire, possibly because everyone else in her family flies the straight and narrow.

By the way, I think it says a lot about how her brother, Richie, felt about his partner, Brody, that he barely batted an eyelash when he caught Danny and Abby sucking face, yet the mere implication that Brody had seen his sister naked drove him nuts and prompted him to get a new partner, who might be an old family friend, but might also be a thief. Not cool, Richie. You lose your bro card. Not that you’ll be using it much now that your wife’s pregnant. Read More...


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