"True Blood" 4x11: The witch is dead?

Jessica, Pam, Eric and Bill march to the Emporium in their finest Battle of the Industrial Bands gear, seething with irritation. Pam suggests they "blow up these Wiccan dipshits already" so she can get her nails done. Inside, Marnie has added Sookie to her hostages. Lackey warlock Roy smirks that the Emporium is now the Hotel California -- you can check out any time you like blah blah. Seriously, Roy, you're already that guy, but please don't be that guy. Marnie wants everyone to know they can leave at any time, and tosses a dagger at her prisoners, suggesting they use it against the vampires. When cute little Casey's rage bubbles over and she rushes Marnie, the witch telekinesis-daggers her in the chest with a "so-there" smirk. Sookie watches the girl die with a lip-trembling, brow-furrowing look of apprehension and horror -- or is she merely thinking about the real bad things she wants to do with Eric and Bill once she gets out of this incense-reeking hellhole? Hard to say. Read More...



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