'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Best of 'Five Chefs Compete'

Reality TV has never been our nation's most aware institution of past days as the genre is inherently volatile and reliant on current events. But tonight, Hell's Kitchen's past came to haunt Hell's Kitchen's present. How did it all go down? 

The Best Moments:

Beautiful food 

Tonight, the challenge was to turn "ugly food into something beautiful" (Chef Ramsay). And by "ugly food" Gordon means lasagna, eggplant parmesan and tuna casserole. Elise, hated by everyone on the show and probably at home, impresses the judges. How did she turn home cooking into fine dining? It is never explained. We just have to trust the judge's score. Will wins it over Elise though and takes Elise to Wolfgang Puck's restaurant as the reward. The losers have to wash the chef's uniforms the old fashioned way. Not really a punishment if you ask me.  Read More...



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