'Bachelor Pad' recap: Pair Tactics

Happy day after Labor Day, rose lovers! I feel a little guilty that rather than spending this day celebrating the can-do spirit of the American worker, I instead spent two hours with a bunch of unemployed morons who list things like "children's book author" and "entrepreneur" as their job descriptions. (Kudos to Vienna, however, for keeping it real.)

We begin with the tail end of last week's rose ceremony, as everyone files grimly back into the living room and sits morosely on the couch, where they've clearly been told to wait for Harrison's "surprise" announcement: It's time to (officially) pair up, folks! This news makes absolutely no difference to anyone but Erica and Blake, as they are the only two players who have not yet paired up like animals on a Noah's Ark booze cruise. Though Blake would have much rather gotten Holly as a partner, of course he agrees to pair with the Princess -- he has no choice -- but Erica thinks he should express a little bit more excitement. "I'm a lot smarter than Holly is," explains Erica. "And in my opinion I am a lot prettier." Read More...



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