'The Lying Game' Recap: 'Twinsense And Sensibility'

Forget suffocating smoke; I may start having night terrors about Sutton's creepshow godfather Alec. Because dude gets more and more unsettling each week. I mean, tailing Emma during her nighttime jog? Hello, goosebumps! And his admonishment to Sutton's dad, Ted, that "the last thing we need is her snooping around in L.A."? Yeah, that did nothing to alleviate my anxiety. Alec and Ted are totally in cahoots, and I can't help but wonder how far they'll go to keep their secrets safe.

Of course, Emma was hiding secrets of her own, namely that she was still seeing Ethan even though he'd been accused of stealing Sutton's laptop. While her parents pleaded with Emma to keep her distance, they welcomed new guy Justin into their home with open arms. He picked up Laurel for their first official date at Nondescript Spanish Restaurant, where he accidentally tipped the roving guitar player $50 instead of $5. Or did he? Either way, Laurel was happy to cover the remainder of the check. But things took a turn for the awkward when Mads and Char showed up, and a clearly seething Char just had to ask when "this" happened. "I would say from the first moment I saw her," Justin replied, putting his arm around Laurel. Dude may be a con-artist in the making (we're reserving judgment for now), but he knows how to defend his woman. Read More...



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