THE SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER "And Circumstance" Season 4 Episode 13 – It’s been a long thirteen weeks (ignoring the episodes from season 3 which plagued the first half of the summer, of course) but Ricky and co are finally graduating to pursue higher education and leave their friends in high school. Before graduation however we have speeches and goodbyes and a party with music I actually don’t think is in the public domain or in ABC’s vault of emotional nuance, so that’s something.

It’s been a weird season for The Secret Life, starting out with a devastating miscarriage and a marriage imploding. It was a startling revelation for those of us who watch the show with raised eyebrow: it showed what this show was, on some far away horizen, capable of. Giving us the soapy yet sincere tragedy of high school and marriage, of death and birth and life, of breakdowns and depressions. When the show decided to splurge out for some Adele, it had it’s most chilling moment ever. The show had leapt out of its comfort zone of contrived teenage angst and, despite it’s many flaws, provided something in the Adrian and Ben storyline which was rich and potent. Read More...


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