Breaking Bad: "Hermanos" Review

This is it. Either things go downhill for him or Gus is in the driver's seat from here on out. 

After Hank, Gomie and That Boss Guy cornered Gus, Gus came up with a pretty fantastic story about why his fingerprints were in Gale's apartment: he was the one who gave Gale a scholarship in biochemistry and Gale had reached out recently after years of not talking. He even planted the idea that Gale was into getting rich quick, regardless of associates. Hank, who's taking on the role of the Dr. House of the DEA's office, had him pegged and wanted to find out more. Our only tip that maybe Gus was beginning to sweat was him standing alone in the elevator, his middle finger of his right hand twitching. This could be the beginning of the end or it could be the closest anyone gets to Gus.  Read More...


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