Curb Your Enthusiasm: "Mister Softee" Review

This was just a fun episode, wasn't it? It started a bit slowly, but quickly built steam, providing plenty of great Curb humor. 

I really dug the flashback to Larry as a kid and what we can only guess is the origin of Larry saying, "Pretty, pretty good." Sure, Larry may look back at the Mister Softee incident as a traumatic event, but before that girl's dad showed up, he did have a girl compliment his package, so good for you, Larry – and a catch phrase is born! 

Of course poor, naked, Larry being shoved out of that truck was hysterical in its humiliating way, with those kids bellowing, "What the f**k?" and, "Put some clothes on, you four-eyed f**k!" Ah, Curb, thanks for remembering that kids saying the F word is usually comic gold. Read More...


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