Torchwood: Miracle Day - "The Gathering" Review

Protip: When you're not sure how to resolve the previous episode's cliffhanger, skip ahead a couple of months. Well, in the case of Miracle Day, seven weeks is more precise. Really though, who's counting? It was extremely disappointing to see this trick used to resolve the cliffhangers from last week. While I wasn't a huge fan of how the story left our beloved characters at the conclusion of "End of the Road," I at least expected the story to pick up soon after we had left off. Instead, it's seven weeks later,Gwen has settled with her family, Jack and Esther miraculously made their way across the pond to Scotland and Rex has completely reintegrated himself with the CIA. 

The Rex and Gwen storylines were more-or-less headed in the direction we saw this week but seeing Esther and Jack in the UK was a bit disappointing. Esther's sense of complete helplessness as she fled with a dying Jack was a big beat to end an episode on. Effectively, that big emotional moment was dropped and we get a throwaway line that Gwen helped Jack and Esther get into the country. Plausible, but it completely kills the moment of Esther's arc. We saw this at the beginning of Doctor Who: Season 6 as well. The moment from the cliffhanger of "The Impossible Astronaut" was killed by a jump-in-time at the beginning of "Day of the Moon." I'm a bit more forgiving in that case because the two episodes themselves worked out for the best. Also, time jumps are part of what you expect on that show.  Read More...


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