ThunderCats: "Legacy" Review

"Wait, I have more questions," Lion-O cried out to cyber-Jaga as he was cast out of the Book of Omens "pensieve"-style virtual reality. Well, maybe "pensieve" isn't the right term to use since the Book of Omens didn't just show Lion-O the past, it made him act past events out while inside the body of his ancestor, Leo. I'm not exactly sure why the book would put Lion-O through this type of test, but "Legacy" was a dynamite chapter that had the good graces to immediately answer many of the questions the were raised in last week's episode. I did miss, you know, the rest of the actual ThunderCats, but it was nice to go fully-backwards in the story for a change. In "Old Friends," amidst all the flashbacks, the present-day story seemed flat. So this episode just nixed the present-day entirely.  Read More...


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