THE GLADES “Breakout” Review

THE GLADES "Breakout" Season 2 Episode 13 – All’s well that ends well in "Breakout," the season finale of The Glades. And true to the title, there is a breakout as two local yokels take over Callie’s ER in attempt to bust one of them out of jail in time to recover the fruits of a previous crime. As you can imagine, this really doesn’t sit well with Jim.

We pick up from last week with Callie doing her best to avoid going to Atlanta for the amazing job interview. That’s okay. I would have been surprised if she was chomping at the bit to get up there. Jim has really great arms; frankly, that’s quite an incentive to stay in Florida. But it does say something that she hasn’t told him about it.

While Callie is agonizing over every little life decision, two boys drag the body of a hospital security officer out of a canal and it’s quickly determined that he’s missing an keycard. As luck would have it, Colleen and a FDLE agent (who’s a former Florida State football player–shout out!!) are transporting a prisoner who claims to be feeling sick. Hmm…wonder where on earth this could be going? Read More...


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