In ‘Warrior,’ Does Lionsgate Know it has a ‘Rocky’?

A movie with tons of heart, about regular people rising to life’s challenges, facing impossible odds and succeeding. A movie about family. About the trauma of war. About manhood, and raw-knuckled, bare-footed competition between them.

That, in a nutshell, is ‘Warrior,’ a movie that upon seeing for the second time tonight I am convinced could be a stealth break-out hit and a contender for the Oscars if enough people see it.

It’s certainly one of the few movies I’ve seen this year to remind me of the power of story–telling on the big screen. 

But does Lionsgate know what it has on its hands?

In the hands of Harvey Weinstein, ‘Warrior’ would sail into a Best Picture nomination. When I asked a Lionsgate executive about Oscar plans, I got a response that went something like: ‘Depends how things go at the box office.’ Read More...


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