'Sons of Anarchy' - 'Out': One wedding and some funerals

"Sons of Anarchy" is back for its fourth season. I offered up a general review of the first few episodes yesterday, and I have specific thoughts on the season premiere coming up just as soon as I buy you fingers... 

"I'm done with SAMCRO." -Jax

Whatever reservations I expressed about season four in yesterday's review were more of a cumulative thing than anything specific to "Out." 

Well, no. The one part of the episode that first started my concern about the show retreating back to formula was the montage at the end. This is a show that loves its montages - and began the season with a very strong one, showing what the Sons and various hangers-on were up to at the end of this year-plus gap - and this is far from the only series to enjoy the old "Godfather" gimmick of contrasting the settling of all family business with a more optimistic scene or song. But "What a Wonderful World" (even a modern cover of it) is way too perfect the ironic contrast to the Sons' killing spree at and around Opie's wedding, you know?  Read More...



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