Jenna Loses a Friend on 'Awkward.' (VIDEO)

The life of a teenage girl can be fraught with difficulties, which is why a girl's best friend is so important. This week on 'Awkward.' (Tues., 11PM ET on MTV) Jenna made a big mistake at a house party, which threatened her friendship with Tamara.

Tamara was mad because she found Jenna making out with Ricky Schwartz at a house party. Never mind that Jenna only did it because she'd been drugged by her mom's best friend, some hurts just can't be forgiven.

To show just how much Jenna's betrayal had wounded her, Tamara smashed her BFF photo frame and handed the broken remains back to her (now ex-)BFF.

And then the kicker: "Jenna Hamilton, you're dead to me."


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