SONS OF ANARCHY "Out" Season 4 Episode 1 – It’s pretty impressive how quickly the Sons can revert back to their usual mayhem. After fourteen months behind bars, Clay, Jax and the guys are free at last and ready to make the most of it.

For Jax that means getting out of SAMCRO for the sake of his kids. He decides to wait until Clay is forced to step down once his arthritis gets too bad for him to ride (something Clay thinks may happen after ‘one or two’ winters). But before that can happen the Sons have business to attend to.

The day of their release is also Opie and Lyla’s wedding day. With the new head of police, Sheriff Roosevelt, keeping tabs on Clay, the Sons use the special occasion as a cover for a meeting of the Sons, Mayans and Russians. And this is where, after a whopping one day of freedom, the Sons get their hands dirty once more.

After the Russians arranged to have Jax shivved in jail, SAMCRO made a deal with them. In exchange for running guns for the Irish, the Russians would get a 70/30 split on profits. Now that SAMCRO are free they tried to negotiated a 50/50 deal, which soon became a 65/35 split. It seemed a little strange that they would accept such a low offer, but the real reason for the acceptance came to light by the end of the episode when SAMCRO took out the Russians in one fell swoop. Read More...


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