BACHELOR PAD Season 2 Episode 5 Review

BACHELOR PAD Season 2 Episode 5:

I had my fingers crossed that Blake the Angry Dentist would be physically, emotionally, and sexually assaulted by Princess Erica and her tiara. Sadly the house-voted Ugliest Girl in the Mansion wasn’t going to stoop to physical rape, so she merely crossed her arms over her plus-sized bosoms and looked annoyed when he stuck to his guns and (stammeringly) turned her down.

And that was the end of Blake, who always wanted to be a flying squirrel, and Erica, who always just wanted to have lots of sex with lots of men. Because even when you have two free roses to hand out, you better damned well ensure there are other people who feel threatened enough to actually toss aside their alliances in order to give you a free ride for one extra week. Read More...


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