Bleach Season 12 Episode 238: Friendship? Hatred? Haineko & Tobiume Review

Captain Unohana and Isane are walking through the barracks when a fellow Shinigami asks for more assistance as more wounded are still being brought in. Kyouraku and Ukitake are conversing over the previous incident on how they lost a chance to capture more Zanpakutou. They also bring up the 6th Squad on how Abarai is taking charge, but it's still not the same without their captain, Byakuya. Meanwhile, Rangiku and Hinamori both meet up and head out together on patrol. As Ichigo tries to chase after Byakuya, he passes through the forest where Tobiume and Haineko are wandering around. Elsewhere, Muramasa seems to be wandering alone in a weakened state and in an area surrounded by Hollows. One of the Hollows tries to attack, but is instantly destroyed before it could strike. Then he comes across the Hollows known as Gillian, and one spots him only to fire off at Cero.

Back in the forest, Tobiume and Haineko spot Ichigo and decide to have some fun with him and start attacking him, but Ichigo isn't really interested in fighting them. Fortunately for him, Rangiku and Hinamori are on patrol, and they step in to face their own Zanpakutou, allowing Ichigo to leave. Rangiku has no qualms about fighting Haineko due to their strained relationship, but Hinamori first tries to talk to Tobiume. Tobiume, however, thinks that Hinamori is weak, and she gets Hinamori angry by implying that it was her own fault that Aizen betrayed her. Ichigo continues forward and senses someone nearby. When he goes to investigate though, he gets attacked by pillars of ice. His opponent is none other than Hyourinmaru, but Hyourinmaru loses interest once Ichigo initiates bankai. It turns out that Hyourinmaru doesn't remember who his original owner was or even his own name, and he had thought that it might have been Ichigo. Having overheard all this, Hitsugaya suddenly appears and tells Hyourinmaru who he is. During all of this, it seems Muramasa had been wandering in the Menos Forest in Hueco Mundo, and despite his own weakened state, he was able to take out not just the Hollows but all the Gillians as well.

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