BREAKING BAD “Hermanos” Review

Breaking Bad "Hermanos", Season 4 Episode 8 – I guess it HAD to be this episode of Breaking Bad, "Hermanos", the best episode of the season so far, where I’m in the middle of nowhere up in Montana celebrating the Labor Day weekend. It couldn’t have been another episode, or another show I was missing that I don’t care as much about. Nope. It had to be this.

Either way, I apologize for the late review and not being able to share my thoughts earlier. However, we’ve got a LOT of great TV to talk about so buckle up and let’s get going!

I’ve been talking just about every week about the opening scene of the episode, as they are consistently excellent on this show, and this week was no different. We got a rare flashback from Breaking Bad, where we go back to the season three episode "I See You" and see the meeting between Gus and Walt. This time, though, we get a different camera angle that shows Mike depositing something in a trash can at the hospital. It looks like the other cousin didn’t just succumb to his wounds, but rather he was finished off by Mike. I love that Breaking Bad takes the flashback, which has been a tried and true storytelling trick in TV and movies for decades, and is able to offer their own tweak on it. We see things from another angle, in another light, and it actually shows us something that we didn’t see the first time. Great stuff. Read More...


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