Recap All My Children: Fri, January 14, 2011

Credit: JPI Studios

Greenlee and Ryan arrive for Scott's parole hearing. Anxious Greenlee tells Ryan that he doesn't need to stay, but Ryan assures her that he has plenty of time before he catches his flight to California. Scott enters and he and Greenlee confirm with each other that they still have a deal: Greenlee will help Scott get early parole by testifying on his behalf and Scott will keep Madison away from Ryan. Scott also reveals that he now knows why Greenlee feels so threatened; Ryan doesn't know that Madison is having his baby. The hearing begins and Scott gets released, thanks to Greenlee. Ryan gets a text from Madison asking him about his trip, which Greenlee sees. She also reads something about it being a secret from Kendall. When Greenlee confronts Ryan about this, Ryan confesses that he believes Zach's accident wasn't an accident. He's sorry he didn't tell Greenlee about this because he feared it would bring back too many bad memories for her. Greenlee realizes that both she and Ryan have been keeping secrets from each other. Instead of coming clean with him she tells him that right now, they don't feel like them. Newsflash, Greenlee: things won't feel better with Ryan unless you are honest with him!  Read More...


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