Recap All My Children: Mon, January 17, 2011

Credit: JPI Studios

Opal, Kendall, Bianca, and Erica are having a girl's afternoon at Kendall's to plan Erica's upcoming wedding to Jack. Kendall is a little iffy on their meeting because she can't understand how you can plan a wedding without having a date set. Erica shrugs it off and tells her daughter, "It's a wedding, sweetheart. Heaven knows we've all had one." Or as Opal reminds, "Or ten." 

Even though it should be a happy gathering, Kendall admits she can't stop having dreams of David. Opal is curious about these dreams and suggests that David must be coming to her for some reason, and they should get to the bottom of it. Erica will not allow such a thing and tells her gal pal to just drop it. There will be no more David talk. Opal agrees but tells Erica that while they are speaking of dreams, she should be having ones of some fluffy, white lambs because that means innocence, referring to her upcoming trial. Read More...


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