Recap All My Children: Tue, January 18, 2011

At the hospital Amanda asks Jake for his opinion: Should she be spending so much time with Annie given her family history? (Remember her mother Janet "From Another Planet?") Jake assures her again that she is nothing like her mom and spending time with Annie is harmless. Even so, Amanda tells Jake she has cancelled her afternoon plans with her new BFF and is going to hang out in the nursery for a bit. While heading there, she overhears Griffin asking Cara about the state department. He thought she had stopped calling them. When Cara says she has, Griffin is puzzled. Why did the state department tell him they spoke with her yesterday? Amanda, feeling the walls caving in, reveals, "It was me. I made the call." 

Amanda explains that she just wanted to know if Cara was telling the truth about wanting to leave the country, but not being able to. Was it just a cover to stay in Pine Valley to be close to Jake? Griffin becomes very protective of his sister, but Cara says it's okay. Amanda apologizes and says she'll back off. She knows Jake loves her more than anything. As Cara walks away she tells the new Mrs. Martin, "It took guts to own up."  Read More...


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