Recap All My Children: Thu, January 20, 2011

Credit: JPI Studios

Ryan and Greenlee awake from making love at the castle where they were first wed. After some mushy talk, Ryan takes out a ring box and tells Greenlee she has taught him what real love is and asks her to marry him. Greenlee's responds, "I want a pre-nup." Ryan knows exactly what his bride to be is referring to—she wants a surprise a day. The mood changes when Ryan gets a text message from Jake informing him David is out of his coma. Greenlee realizes they will have to return to reality, but for now they are just going to live in the moment and enjoy each other.

At the Chandler mansion Marissa asks JR if AJ can spend the night. Marissa tells JR that David is awake, and she feels conflicted. She should be happy that her father has come out of his coma, but she doesn't feel that way. There is a part of her that wishes he never woke up. JR encourages her to stay a while and talk about the situation. After some consideration, she agrees. She confides in JR that she can't figure out how she feels about David. Every time she lets down her guard and trusts him, he lets her down. As they talk, JR tells Marissa he would do anything to keep her safe. After a long, tender stare, Marissa changes the subject to the break-in. Has there been any word yet? JR says there have been no new developments, but he has beefed up security. Once Marissa leaves, JR looks at the divorce papers he needs to sign. His phone rings. He sees it's Annie. However, he chooses not to answer. Read More...


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