Recap All My Children: Mon, January 24, 2011

Credit: JPI Studios

JR finds Annie in the Chandler mansion living room where she says they need to talk. JR insists he has to go to AJ's parent/teacher conference, but Annie implores him to stay. She wants to know why he postponed divorce proceedings with Marissa. JR tells her not to get crazy on him, which hurts Annie. She reminds him that she is no longer that person in Oak Haven and challenges JR to prove that she is important to him. Finalize the divorce! Marissa arrives, calling out for JR. JR asks Annie to leaveā€”and to trust him. He'll call her later! JR moves to chat with Marissa who reports that the teacher had nothing but good things to say about AJ. She asks JR if he rescheduled the court date yet to finalize their divorce. Is there a reason why he hasn't? Annie listens from the living room, her mouth open, clearly outraged. She is even more upset when she hears JR make lunch plans with Marissa. As Marissa goes to the car, JR attempts to explain himself to Annie, but Annie won't let him off the hook. When Annie says not being with him is killing her, JR promises to set the court date and vows that he needs Annie as much as she needs him. Later at Krystal's Annie tries not to flip out when Emma announces that Ryan and Greenlee are engaged. To make matters worse she sees Marissa and JR enter laughing. JR sees the look on Annie's face and explains he is helping Marissa with decorations for Damon's party. Annie struggles to cover her feelings as she has a hallucination of Marissa and Emma telling her that JR doesn't love her. Annie takes Emma home, but returns later to see Marissa setting up for the party. Annie grabs a knife and stares at Marissa's back. Uh-oh!  Read More...


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