Recap All My Children: Thu, January 27, 2011

Credit: JPI Studios

Greenlee and Ryan are enjoying a romantic evening at ConFusion where they agree to have their wedding on Valentine's Day. Madison enters and holds herself together when Ryan tells her about his wedding plans. Scott also enters and approaches Greenlee. He reminds her that she can't stop Madison from telling Ryan about their baby. Greenlee knows that; she would prefer Ryan find out after their wedding so that they can have one perfect day before life gets too complicated. Greenlee returns to Ryan as Scott reminds Madison they have a date. Because Scott has about ten dollars to his name, they decide to eat hot dogs in the park. Which is really cold and not great for a pregnant lady, but Madison doesn't seem to mind. She makes Scott feel better by admitting that she squatted at the casino hotel when her dad cut off her trust fund, so she knows how he feels right now. Scott wants to make sure Madison is okay after hearing about Ryan's wedding plans. Madison sighs. She is still standing, isn't she?  Read More...


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