Recap One Life To Live: Mon, December 20, 2010

Trevor St John, Florencia Lozano"One Life to Live" Set ABC StudiosNew York 9/30/10┬ęGeorge De Sota/jpistudios.com310-657-9661Episode # 10806air date 11/8/10

Natalie leaves a message for Marty, intending to announce her engagement to John, but we think that's a horrible idea. Of course Marty doesn't answer, so Natalie continues to keep trying Marty's phone throughout the day. Meanwhile John and Price discuss Eddie's death. John believes James is innocent, but isn't quite sure about Inez. Ford is also a suspect, but John isn't sure he has the opportunity. Natalie arrives and John kisses her, asking when they can announce their engagement. Natalie assures him they can when she can ensure no one will get in the way. Later Price brings in a witness from the Minuteman Motel, who says he saw someone leave Eddie's room. John shows the man a few photos and the man points to someone. That's him! 

Starr and James return to Ford's apartment where they tell Langston and Ford that James told John everything he knows about Eddie's death. James and Starr decide to check on Inez and Nate, leaving Langston to grill Ford. Why does he seem so certain that James didn't kill Eddie and why did he lie about being in the hospital all night when he wasn't? Ford feigns ignorance as Langston reveals she went to get Ford some change of clothes, but when she returned, no one knew where he was. Clearly he stepped out for a moment on the night of Eddie's death! Before Ford can explain John arrives to ask Ford for his alibi on the night of Eddie's death. Ford says he was in the hospital all night and Langston backs him up, much to Ford's surprise. After John leaves, Langston admits she lied for Ford because she cares about him, but now he can do her a favor and tell her if he killed his dad or not.  Read More...


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