Recap One Life To Live: Mon, January 03, 2011

As everyone counts the seconds to midnight, Blair pulls Cristian into a hot lip-lock while Kelly and Joey hug awkwardly, their lips inches from each other. They pull away to watch Blair and Cristian. Joey thinks this means Cristian's engagement to Layla is off while Kelly says it's just a kiss. The conversation takes a bad turn when Kelly casually questions Aubrey's past; just how well does Joey know Aubrey? Joey groans, saying Clint is on his case because Clint believes that Aubrey is a gold-digger. 

Rex and Gigi also kiss, pledging to love each other more in 2011 than they did in 2010. He kills the romantic mood when he notices that Marty has left. Gigi thinks Marty wouldn't bust up Natalie and John's wedding; that would be so low! Rex chuckles; Gigi is one to talk about busting weddings! Gigi blushes. Oh, yeah. She forgot about interrupting Rex's wedding to Adriana. Kelly interrupts Rex and Gigi, asking if he can break into Aubrey's room again. She was acting so suspicious tonight and time is of the essence! Rex reminds Kelly that he is on a dateā€”and off the clock tonight. Gigi asks Kelly to back off, even when Kelly offers to send them on an all-expensive paid vacation. Joey returns and asks what's going on. Is Rex snooping in hotel rooms again? Gigi covers, saying Snoop Dogg taught Rex a new dance called the "Snoop," which Rex painfully demonstrates.  Read More...


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