Recap One Life To Live: Tue, January 04, 2011

Rex and Gigi try to get some sleep, but Rex can't thanks to David's "Have a Seat" hemorrhoid commercial on TV. Rex finally falls asleep, but because he's so wracked with guilt, Rex imagines David accusing him of leaving him to rot in a Moroccan prison for money. Rex argues that it's more complicated than that, but he still can't shake the guilt especially when David mentions Bo's name. Rex finally can't take it anymore and starts screaming, which wakes Gigi. When Gigi asks what's wrong, Rex covers, saying it was a bad dream. Hey, did he ever tell her how much he loves her and their son? 

Meanwhile David speaks longingly to a stick sketch of Dorian on his prison wall. He vows to return to her and hopes that someone will realize that Clint framed him and sent him to Morocco. David then pulls out a spoon and resumes digging his way out -- one teaspoon a day--but a guard arrives and catches him. Fearful that the guard will hurt him, David begins yelling but the guard merely calls the Buchanan mansion.  Read More...


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