Recap One Life To Live: Mon, January 10, 2011

Credit: JPI Studios

At the Buchanan Lodge Marty gets ready to abandon Natalie as Natalie screams in pain. Her baby could die if Marty leaves them here! Marty wishes Natalie luck and turns, but when she hears Natalie scream again, she has a change of heart. She doesn't want the baby to suffer, but this doesn't mean she plans to make Natalie more comfortable. Marty kneels in front of Natalie as Natalie begs her to take her to the hospital. Marty shakes her head. There is no time. The baby is coming NOW! Marty orders Natalie to push, but quickly realizes there is something wrong. As Natalie writhes in pain, Marty announces that the baby is breech. Natalie gasps; do whatever it takes to help the baby! Marty looks grim as she proceeds to pull the baby's feet down to deliver it, which we hear is pretty high on the pain scale.  Read More...


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