Recap One Life To Live: Wed, January 12, 2011

Credit: JPI Studios

At the hospital Jessica and Brody sit with their son and count his wee ten fingers and his wee ten toes and nibble on his cheeks. They are so relieved that he's okay -- for now -- and we're thrilled that it's a boy for Jessica, who had three girls. Brody and Jessica can't wait to introduce him to Bree and gush how lucky they are. After some more cooing, they decide to invite the grandparents in for a meet and greet. 

Down the hall Natalie and John do some cooing over their baby boy. They don't have a name for him yet as John wants to know what led Natalie to give birth in the Buchanan Lodge with Marty of all people helping her. Before Natalie can tell John the truth -- and it really looks like she was ready to confess everything -- Marty bursts in, hysterical. Somehow she managed to get out of her hospital room and find Natalie's room, believing that Natalie's baby is hers. She orders John to take the baby away from Natalie and that Natalie knocked her unconscious and dragged her to the cabin where she planned to abandon her! A doctor and guard arrive to sedate Marty, who struggles and screams that Natalie doesn't get to keep both the baby and John. Troubled John returns to Natalie; she needs to tell him exactly what happened -- now. Instead of admitting the truth Natalie wimps out and says that she went into labor at the courthouse. Marty drove past the hospital's exit and that's how they ended up at the cabin. Hmm ... John buys this story for now and looks tenderly at his son. He tells Natalie they are now a family and no one can take that away from them.  Read More...


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