Quick Look: It's all about a major mother on 'The Rachel Zoe Project'

After last season of "The Rachel Zoe Project," I pretty much came to the conclusion that the stylist to the stars needed a new title; something along the lines of Most Likely to Eat Her Own Young. Though the pencil-thin Rachel probably wouldn't eat a whole baby, just nibble on its toes and poke at it with a fork while saying she's much too full to eat another bite. So far, this season of the show (which debuted Tuesday) hasn't really done much to change my opinion, even though Rachel is six months pregnant in the premiere. Apparently the only effect pregnancy hormones have on Rachel is to make her want to buy Chanel jackets and drink sparkling water while inhaling hair spray. Seriously, can anyone start a licensing program for parents? Soon? Please?

Okay, I'm taking some pot shots at Rachel Zoe, but let's review a few things that we learned in the season premiere. 

* Her husband Rodger reveals that he and Rachel once had a dog, but Rachel's parents took it away because THEY WEREN'T FIT DOG PARENTS. Dogs require two bowls of food a day and occasional walks. They're only slightly tougher than houseplants. Babies are in a whole other category. I foresee Rachel leaving the kid in the sink of a women's bathroom after she discovers he has left a smear of poop on her new Dior.  Read More...



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