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Recap: 'Big Brother' Wednesday - Another Eviction Cuts the Field to 4

We’re getting down to the final days of “Big Brother,” with the power couple of Kalia and Porsche on the block for eviction. Read that sentence again. If you saw that coming when the season started, well, then I’m willing to take investment advice from you in this time of economic strife. The show has been throwing out twist after twist in these recent weeks in order to overcome a rather dull season, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see a few more monkey wrenches tossed in before the end of tonight’s hour. But short of tonight’s PoV contest being “Who Can Run Over and Hug Tori Spelling The Fastest?”, let’s just continue to assume Adam will keep his winless streak alive. That’s about the only constant left at this point.

Onto tonight’s recap…
It’s an Eviction Episode, on a Wednesday! First, we got the latest installment of the Firewall and Iceberg podcast today, and now this. Quite a Hump Day, people. Julie Chen recaps the action, after we watch a montage that recapped the action. Then, we see the eviction. Again. WE GET IT, “Big Brother.” We’re not analyzing “Finnegan’s Wake” here. Yikes. Kalia and Porsche hope Adam wins the Veto, thinking it’s their only chance to both stay in the game. In the Barney Room, Adam confirms his allegiance to the veterans. Jordan isn’t convinced, and who can blame her? Adam’s coasted along all season, happy to switch sides and carry the tide into the Final Five.  Read More...


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