'Rescue Me' - 'Ashes': Crawling from the wreckage

"Rescue Me" aired its series finale tonight. I offered a review of the series as a whole yesterday, and I have a few specific thoughts about the finale coming up just as soon as I get some red velvet cake mix... 

"I know who you are, and I know what you are. You need two things to survive: sex, and fire. One's no good without the other." -Sheila

I liked the start of "Ashes" quite a bit, with John Scurti getting an effective curtain call as Lou eulogized his fallen comrades in Tommy's dream. And I liked the end, too, with a reprise of Tommy's speech to the new probie class from the pilot, this time with Tommy having made enough peace with his demons that when Lou's ghost visits him afterwards, it's not a bit of torment, but a nice reminder of his good good friend.  Read More...



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