Jane is crushed on Drop Dead Diva

Grayson requested Jane as the second chair on a pop star case. Someone killed the pop group's manager and she is being blamed. Her sister is part of the same group and also being blamed but is having a different lawyer. So Grayson and Jane have to team up with a cute lawyer Vanessa who Grayson gets too involved. Jane feels like the third wheel of the group. Parker helps a person who has an impartial review against her restaurant.

Jane, Grayson, and Vanessa won their case because Jane discovered a cd by the bookie agent did. Confetti (group the two girls in) is free and the bookie agent was the one who did it. She almost got away with it if it wasn't for Jane. Vanessa and Grayson go on a victory dinner. Jane decided to go home instead. Jane is really hurt because she feels her chance with Grayson is crushed. Grayson looks at Vanessa like he used to look at Deb that way.

A side note was Fred was using a girl to be his girlfriend to win over Stacy. At the same time, the girl was using him to get her boyfriend back. The girl actually gets the boyfriend back. Fred got a taste of his own medicine.

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