‘Project Runway,’ Season 9, Episode 7, ‘Can’t We All Just Get Along’: TV Recap

It’s team challenge again! Bert is always the last boy chosen. And there are lots of hissy fits on tonight’s Project Runway.

Seriously we are so sad about these stupid team challenges. It’s not team Runway. One designer wins. And we would like to ban the phrase "thrown under the bus."

They all create their own print on a computer, which was done before in a previous season. Then the team will pick three of the designs to be made into cloth. Then they’ll create a runway collection from the materials with a dash of Mood.

They create a video and chose music for their own runway show. Betsey Johnson comes in to give them sage advice. "It starts with the girl. Is she tough? Is she sexy?" she says. Also you have to stand for something. Go for the deep. Lots and lots of product placement.

Josh, Becky and Bert are all on the same team. That did not go well last time. They are doing something with clocks and call themselves Team Nuts and Bolts. The other team is Team Chaos based on chaos. Bert is actually being a little calm and Josh M. is seriously losing his mind. Read More...



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