'Project Runway' recap: This Seems to Be a Pattern

Welcome back to Project Runway, where the concepts are high ("clocks"), the commitment to the concepts is low ("I mean.... probably clocks"), and the entire flow of production depends on the mood of a single, volatile, terribly troubled gay Ryan Reynolds. When Joshua McKinley decides it would behoove his reality character development to buck up and start treating his fellow designers like humans, all is well. This happens once per episode. The rest of the time -- watch out.

This week the contestants competed in the HP and Intel Challenge, which involved running their grubby fingers all over some "touchsmart desktops" and attempting to reason with printers that just won't work (if you're over 50). Also, they had to create a textile design from scratch, film a video to serve as the backdrop for their fashion shows, choose music, learn from Betsey Johnson how to do a wobbly cartwheel without your weave falling out, etc. Basically they had to produce their own runway events. Quite a tall order for the short-fused. Read More...



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