Suits Review: You Can't Go Back

Suits delivered a high stakes season finale with "Dog Fight," as Harvey and Mike both sought to reconcile their pasts.

Harvey fought to exonerate a man wrongly convicted during his time with former DA Cameron Dennis, while facing a new DA, Terrence Wolf, who impeded his progress at every turn. At the same time, Mike struggled to keep a deceivingly reformed Trevor aloof of his relationship with Jenny, Trevor's ex.

It was quite the intense balancing act, to say nothing of the tension brewing at Pearson & Hardman, where Jessica, Louis, Donna, and even Rachel, dealt with the fallout of Harvey's decision to take the case.

What a rough week to be Harvey Specter! Terrence Wolf was determined to shut Harvey down at every turn, but I wasn't surprised how hard he pushed back. I've never seen Mississippi Burning, but given how effective it was in supplying Mike and Harvey ammunition to keep their case alive, it certainly deserves a view. Read More...


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